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PBE Pluto Lit X Trill Will X The CEO Noxbond X Real Life Lukazi

This song Lit is exactly that Lit like a stick of dynamite about to blow. It starts with the insanely hard beat produced by Beats By Ced and PBE lays down the extremely catchy dope hook like a bad chick he just met. This is followed by four extremely lyrical metaphoric witty punch line induced versus starting with PBE Pluto (I huff and puff like a wolf blow the door down get caught with that slipping that bear been done shown up) to Trill Will (Put her ass out to work getting mega dollars a million on Ig thats mega followers) to Noxbond (When it rained it poured blood on my jordans Ill go to the store and spend your mortgage) and Real Life Lukazi (Dont hang around no lame fucks its real life or no life and this money cant change us) Not to mention the insanely dope video shot by the best Humble Greatness Studios in 4 hot spots in Atlanta .

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