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Trill Will GFM 2

GFM 2 is like an atomic bomb sitting inside a solar flair.This all star album starts off with one of the hardest intros in existence.Followed by Soul Ft Richie Snow and Dope produced by Wyte The Plug.These 2 songs hit harder than a bong full of anthrax.Then Trilly Hits you with Relatable a song slam packed with next level bars that put you in beast mode.Next up he comes with The Hardaway here's a little taste of his life from the gutter to the top where hes headed real life no cap.Then we got Fast a club Single Ft Tha Problems 2x a viral hit that will make you get up and get it.Lets go to Make It Easy and I Might 2 pieces of lyrical fire flowing from a jets tailpipes.That takes us to Get Loose a straight turn up track you can take a shot and roll up to or get on the dance floor and find someone to groove with.Next we got GFM the title track this song represents the road to success nothing but pressure in these real life bars.Then we got Lil Bit the song that explains where Trill Will came from and why hes here propane in a bottle. Next comes Always one of his radio singles this straight banger is definitely raising the bar and on its way to be a platinum hit.Then we got Dollar Pecos ft Tayza another radio hit about to open the nations eyes last we close this album with The Final Chapter the song that gets you wanting more this Album is truly fire from the front to back super dope.

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